Free browser game - tribute to Champ Man 01/02

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Free browser game - tribute to Champ Man 01/02

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Hi all,

Like many of you by the sounds of it I got a bit tired of all the faff of FM a few years ago and always craved the simplicity of Champ Man 01/02 era. I also wanted something I could play on the browser/phone/PC against other players too TBH as it's nice competing against other humans ( I dabbled with FM Live a decade or so ago and enjoyed many aspects of it).

So I thought I'd mention to you a game I really enjoy now (and I've tried loads of them) that is a simple, fun browser management game designed around the same CM01/02 concept of simple squad building and tactics.

Derby Manager link

It's really well designed in my opinion even if it does seem quite simple at first. It's completely advert and cost free as it was designed by a guy who was a huge fan of of the old Champ Manager games just as a fun project for friends. So it's not cynical and doesn't have any commercial aspect at all, refreshingly.

I guess about 100-150 players or so but we'd love more. There's a really relaxed and helpful Discord community where we chat and so on.

Anyway I came across your great forum/website and I thought the game might be of some interest.

It's invite only via the Discord channel to stop cheaters etc. I have some codes if anyone wants one so drop me a line or join the Discord and request a key :)
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